Mattie's BBQ Events and Catering

"Just wanted to reach out to say thank you!"

Erin Francis Marlow

"Thanks again for the wonderful food this weekend"

Kevin R Barrie

"Just wanted to say thanks again, we really enjoyed the food and service! Everyone was raving about the food! Thanks so much!"

Hannah and Mark, Southampton

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Wood Fired BBQ & Smoking

A Brief BBQ history

Cooking meat over a fire is nothing new it’s basically been around since fire was discovered and smoking is an age old way to extend the life of meat when refrigeration was not an option

BBQ now and then

Regions throughout the southern states take a real pride in their BBQ and is a culinary delight that is quintessentially American, here at Mattie’s BBQ Catering we have selected a selection of Southern American classics, We use two modern day BBQ methods of direct heat and smoking & Grilling over a selection of seasoned hardwood

Traeger Wood Fired Grill